20 de julho de 2010


para já passou o 2 patamar do fib, é possivel chegar aos 61,80fib, como mostra o gráfico.

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  1. This market gave me headaches, lately. I am mostly in cash since my timing indicators seem to be too slow for this market to make me money and I really don't have the time or the willingness to stay glued to the computer all day.

    My take on this market is that we may move up from here IF my best timing indicator, DMI, turns positive on daily charts. It did briefly turned positive last week (for the first time since the start of the plunge!) giving a serious warning to long term bears and if it turns green again I am going long since once turned green or red it stays like this for long time. Also the last downtrend line on daily charts seems to hold, another bullish sign. To get me go short I need to see SPX bellow the support area around 1040-1050.

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